Summer Fun: Beach Essentials

As the summer air gets even hotter in Texas, it’s about time that we wrote about heading to the beach and what you absolutely need to bring on your trip. There are a few beachy options in Texas including Galveston, Corpus Christi, and South Padre Island – just to name a few.

summer fun beach essentials

To gear up for a beach trip, you’re going to need a few key essentials. First off, you’re going to need a bathing suit. Its best to keep your swimsuit practical as you’re probably going to be going in the water a lot.  You can find your bathing suit at many of our retailers located in Shops at Rivercenter including Macy’s, H&M, and PacSun.

The second item that’s going to need to be with you at all times during your beach trip is sunscreen. Sunscreen is necessary for absolutely everyone so that you don’t get burnt. Even if you’re not typically prone to sunburns you’re still going to need to lather some on because you don’t want to get wrinkles. You can find sunscreen at any of our drugstores located in the mall.

The third beach essential is sunglasses. I don’t know about you, but being out in the sun without sunglasses is not fun. Pick up a pair of sunglasses at the Sunglass Hut at Shops at Rivercenter to keep your eyes shielded from the harsh rays.

Another essential for the beach is a cute beach tote because how else are you going to store all of your items? You can find an oversized tote from H&M, Macy’s, or Francesca’s.

You also can’t go to the beach without some entertainment like music or a good book so make sure your bag includes some form of entertainment that you can use when basking away in the sun as well.

Make sure you don’t forget water or any additional snacks to munch on as you’re sitting on the beach. The sun can make you feel faint so you gotta keep hydrated and fed.

There you have it, some key beach essentials for your next trip to the shore. Make sure your bag is stocked with these goodies or you’re going to be in trouble.

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