Fall Bucket List

As you already know, fall is quickly creeping up so we wanted to share our fall bucket list today. Although it doesn’t get too cool here in Texas, it’s always fun to do fall activities regardless if the weather is cooperating or not.

fall bucket list

Go to a pumpkin patch // Pumpkin patches just emulate autumn so going to one is a complete and total necessity.

Go to a haunted house // Haunted houses only come around once a year so get your fix during the fall time if you’re a haunted house junkie, you won’t regret it.

Watch Halloween movies // Watching ABC Family’s (which is now Freeform) Halloween marathon is a must each fall. Movies like Hocus Pocus and the like are movies that can be watched time and time again.

Go through a corn maze // Corn mazes are another must during the fall time. Getting lost and trying to find your way out of the maze is half the battle.

Go apple picking // Apple picking is another fall essential even though it’s not as common here in Texas.

Attend a football game and tailgate // Football is big in Texas so attending a tailgate and football game is necessary.

Drink a PSL // Because if you haven’t had a PSL, is it really fall? Nope.

Carve a pumpkin // Carving pumpkins for Halloween is fun and festive. Even if you’re not the best at it, it can still be an enjoyable time.

Have a campfire // Keeping warm by a campfire is a fun fall activity even if it isn’t too chilly where you live at this point in time.

Buy all of the fall candles // Fall candles are a given during autumn. All of the amazing scents are much better than any other candles.

Read a good book // Reading can be done year round, but curling up with a good book and a warm blanket on the couch is much better during the fall time.

Go on a hayride // Hayrides are a classic fall adventure and are suitable for both adults and kids.

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