Back to School Outfit Ideas

Back to school season has already began for some of you, but a few have yet to go back here in San Antonio and will be finally hitting the books again next week. Today we’re sharing some back to school outfit ideas that are dress code appropriate to get you back in the swing of things prior the big day.

back to school outfits

This first outfit is very casual and consists of a lot of black. We included a cardigan in the mix because it seems like classrooms at school are always freezing so it’s necessary to have something to cover up during the day when it gets a little chilly plus you can get away with wearing tank tops if you have a sweater to cover up the straps.  If you aren’t really into using a backpack for school, you can opt for a tote bag to carry all of your school supplies around in. Personally, backpacks were my thing until high school but once I hit college, I preferred to use a tote for school. The fun sneakers were an added bonus because no one wants to wear uncomfortable shoes to school all day.

back to school outfits 2

The second back to school outfit is a little more on the dressy side. Dresses are super comfortable and less constricting than jeans so if you’re wanting to feel just a tad more comfortable, I’d opt for a dress. It’s easy to pick out and you can just throw it on and go without the hassle. These nude flats are also comfortable and match with nearly anything so they will be very versatile throughout the school year. Add a cute backpack and a cardigan to make the outfit dress code appropriate and you’ll be good to go.

What is your favorite outfit for back to school? Please feel free to let us know down in the comments.

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