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Rivercenter Mall is a privately owned property including all parking areas.
Treat others as you like to be treated. Appropriate behavior does not include fighting, harassment, offensive language or gestures or provoking confrontations of any nature.
These rules have been established to ensure the safety and comfort of all customers.
The following behavior is prohibited on Rivercenter Mall property:
• Smoking in the Center commons areas, corridors and within 15 feet of all entry doors.
• Visiting Rivercenter Mall without shirt or shoes. Wearing apparel, which contains vulgar, obscene or sexually explicit language.
• Obstructing free flow of customer traffic or assembling in any manner which disturbs the peace.
• Disorderly, disruptive conduct of any nature; including use of obscene or insulting language or gestures, playing audio devices that disturbs other shoppers, yelling, running, throwing objects or littering.
• Defacing, damaging, or destroying any property belonging to the Mall, its patrons, or its tenants. Any act that could result in physical harm to persons or damage to property.
• Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages or illegal substances other than in licensed areas.
• Possession of pets, except “guide dogs” and “service animals” as defined by the ADA.
• Truancy or curfew violation.
• Solicitation and/or distribution of any material; demonstrations, special promotions, photography or for any purpose other than shopping without written permission of Mall Management.
• Any act that could result in physical harm to persons or damage to property. (Including dancing in the common area of the Mall)
• Any act prohibited by local, state or federal laws.
• Walk; Don’t run! Bicycling, skateboarding, roller-blading or scooter riding in the mall or on mall property. (Bicycling to the mall for shopping is allowed and we have 3 convenient bike rack locations on Blum, inside Commerce and Crockett garages).
• Rivercenter is a FIREARM FREE ZONE possession of firearms, explosives, weapons or burglary tools on the premises is not allowed.
Violation of these rules may be subject to expulsion, banning and/or arrest
by the local police authority. Violators of banning orders may be subject
to arrest and prosecution for criminal trespass.

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